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The services we provide are focussed primarily on the transport of shipping containers with associated aspects, such as:

  • Shipping container transport on roundtrip basis
  • Combined transport of containers
  • Transport of closed reefer containers
  • Transport of pharmaceutical products according to GDP (Good Distribution Practices) guidelines
  • Transport of containers with ADR
  • Transport of containers with exceptional dimensions
  • Dealing with custom formalities

All our activities are centrally managed from our office in Schelluinen with the assistance of the most up-to-date software, which, along with careful planning, ensures that your cargo arrives at its destination on time and with the greatest care.
In 1975, Rien Boom started the company with 1 vehicle, with which containers were transported within the Netherlands. Now we have grown into a company that owns 36 vehicles and has 14 charter vehicles, which transport 20,000 containers throughout all of Europe. In order to always find a suitable solution for any transport problems you may have, in addition to our own fleet we collaborate with a group of good, reliable fellow transporters.
All our trucks are equipped with alarm, cargo ADR kit, kingpin locks and container locks. We set the highest standards for these. We have a workplace where we maintain our chassis ourselves.

Shipping container transport on roundtrip basis

For the transport of your shipping containers, we have 30 multi-functioning chassis in all sizes, so we can accommodate all your wishes. The options are 40ft / 20ft / 2 x20 ft / 45ft / 30ft.  Whatever you need, we can offer the right container transportation for you.

Combination transport

For transporting light 20ft containers we have 8 special combis in our fleet. Combi- 20ft container has several advantages: it is cheaper for the client and, also not unimportant, cleaner for the environment, because driving with 1 vehicle with 2x20ft is cleaner than driving 2 vehicles with 1x20ft. each.

Reef transport with GENSET

Twenty-six of our truck are equipped with generator sets for the transport of temperature-controlled reefer containers. Three of our chassis are equipped with generator sets under the trailer to power the reefer containers. The other generator sets are placed under the tractors. These are powered hydraulically by the truck’s engine. This system is less sensitive to disruption and uses less energy than a separate engine. We have 5 connection points for these containers on our enclosed grounds

Transport of pharmaceutical products according to GDP guidelines

Good Distribution Practices (GDP) is a quality system for storage places and distribution centres for medications. Internationally accepted pharmaceutical GDP regulations determine that distributors of pharmaceutical products must work according to the GDP standards.  In practice, this means that GDP transport must be actively cooled and monitored and that this must be documented in the right way.

read more about GDP

Transportation of van containers with ADR/hazardous substances

All our vehicles are equipped in accordance with the provisions provided in the ADR Regulations for the vehicle for the transport of hazardous cargo. This is inspected annually by our safety advisor. Our drivers are also trained in ADR Cargo transport.

Transport of containers/flats with overheight/overwidth

For the transportation of cargo with abnormal height or width, we have flatbeds, which can transport up to a height of 3.75m, including the containers. For overwidth we can also always find a solution. Over the years, we have gained a lot of knowledge and experience with this.

Customs formalities

If you wish, we can arrange the formalities for customs or shipping companies via a very reliable associate.


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Good Distribution Practices

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