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Transport Rien Boom goes for sustainability

Recently, 180 solarpanels are placed on our business premises. Now our offices and workshop can be provided with 100% green energy. Furthermore, when purchasing new material CO2 reduction is an important factor.

nieuwe volvo

45 years Tansport Rien Boom

45 years Transport Rien Boom

Fleet expansion with a new Volvo

nieuwe volvo

New Transport director Wesley Bakx


Wesley Bakx, experienced in (container) logistics, has joined our team this March and will be responsible of all operations within our company. With Wesley, we want to strengthen our position in the market, while maintaining and improving our strong corporate values: Focus on quality, being customer-oriented and being specialized in Genset and GDP.

Corona crisis

Keep your distance, stay at home as much as possible, no more social gatherings. We are an unprecedented situation, which rightly requires special measures. But at the same time difficult measures, which we all know notice socially and as a committed company. Fortunately, everyone at Rien Boom is convinced that we all have a responsibility to protect ourselves and each other.

Of course, we will follow the guidelines and instructions of the RIVM and the government closely. Each day we will check whether all the measures we have taken are still appropriate and sufficient. We ensure that everyone in the organization - from the people on the road to the people behind the computer - can work completely "corona-proof". As far as we are concerned, your and our health is most important.

Together we stand strong
If there is one thing, that's very clear, that we must do this together. Together we will try to put an end to the spread of the coronavirus, together we will take care of the vulnerable and weak, provid support and help those who need it the most.

By taking the right measures Rien Boom Transport, remains operational while also protecting our people. All the effort and hard work of our people is the determining factor in this - and always has been - for which we cannot thank them enough!

The future is uncertain for a large part of the Dutch companies. We would like to be ready for our appreciated customers, in every possible way.

Stay healthy
Even though we don't know when, there will be a moment that we will leave the corona crisis behind us. There will be things that are permanently changed, and a lot of things will be the same again. In any case we, sincerely hope to be able to look back with you on this unique situation, and to note that it has not changed the really important things

Please take care of your health, and please let us know if we can be of any service.



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Good Distribution Practices

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